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St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

65 W. Catherine Street
P. O. Box 345

Markesan, Wisconsin  53946


Welcome to

St. John's Lutheran Church
Join us for worship
Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Bible Class and Sunday School follow our Sunday service
Grow in God's Word
Daily Devotion
» Stop Working So Hard – November 20, 2018
Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 1 – November 20
WELS Together Newsletter:
» Synodical Council holds fall 2018 meeting
» Hundreds gather to celebrate 125 years of Apache mission work
» Volunteers begin cleanup after Hurricane Michael
Faith Related Q and A
» My state just voted to approve recreational marijuana. I have two questions. One, is it legal for me to use it if my state says, "Yes," but my national law still says, "No"? And two, is it permissible for me to use it as a Christian knowing that God has called me to be "sober minded" and I will lose that when I get a high from it? Or, to ask it another way, is it possible to use this substance "in moderation"?
» I am wondering what the duties are for a staff minister. Also, can that position be held by a woman? Thanking you!
» What’s your position on whether Luther ever said the "Here I stand“ phrase at Worms, and whether he really nailed the 95 Theses to the Schlosskirche door on 31 October 1517? Thanks.
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