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» Do Not Miss the Boat – November 13, 2019
Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – November 13
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» Announcing changes in East Asia mission field
» Synodical Council holds fall 2019 meeting
» Rev. Richard Gurgel accepts call to serve as MLC president
Faith Related Q and A
» I searched under "roles of men and women in society" and found nothing, so my question is as follows: WELS’ position on the doctrine of the role of women, as found on this link ( says, “6. We reject the opinion that male headship and female submission apply only to marriage or only to marriage and the church (1 Co 11:3; 1 Ti 2:12).” According to the statement above, women are subject to the headship of men in marriage, in the church, and in society. Does that mean a woman cannot hold a secular job (department headship in a college/university, civic headship over government employees, CEO/VP in industry/agriculture/science, president/congressperson/judge/governor/mayor/etc., for example) in which she has men in positions below her? Can WELS members vote for female political leaders? Should a WELS man take a secular job under the authority of a woman?
» Thanks for this site! Who are "our brothers and sisters in Christ?" I have heard the term used to describe all, and only, the members of our WELS' churches and those with whom we are in doctrinal fellowship. Would we also use the same term to refer to the Christians in false visible churches? Thanks!
» How come WELS pastors don't teach about the book of Revelation? I keep hearing we are currently living during "end times" and that it is near, but they don't expand on the teaching of the book. If I'm living it, I want to learn more about it and it is too complex to understand on my own.
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