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St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

65 W. Catherine Street
P. O. Box 345

Markesan, Wisconsin  53946


Welcome to

St. John's Lutheran Church
Join us for worship
Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

Bible Class and Sunday School follow our Sunday service
Grow in God's Word
Daily Devotion
» Focus Your Attention on Jesus – October 16
Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 1 – October 16
WELS Together Newsletter:
» Fellowship established with a Lutheran church body in Kenya
» Treptow accepts call to be seminary president
» One hundred twenty-five years of God’s grace
Faith Related Q and A
» I've been having the fear of Judgement Day recently. What will it be like? Doesn't it say in the Bible that those living today will be judged more harshly than those who died in Sodom and Gomorrah? What does that mean? How will I be judged? Does that leave for a chance that I won't enter heaven?
» I respect WELS position on close(d) Communion, but don't fully understand the logic. In numerous posts you've stated that only God can look into a person's heart, that Christians of other denominations may have saving faith, and the like. Further, denominations other than WELS believe in the Real Presence of Christ in Communion. It only makes sense that people should be regularly communing in their own church. But why do you insist on complete doctrinal agreement on every point before you allow someone to commune? After all, at family reunions, not everyone gets along perfectly, but no one is denied the meal.
» Do we have any connections or missions in Australia?
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